A Message from the President

“Lead to world standard with Japanese quality”

Eishi HayashiThe environment surrounding printing and bookbinding business world has been changing with surprisingly high speed.

When the forerunner of this company, “Kobe Printing Equipment“ was founded, letterpress printing was still there and offset printing was just about growing up. However, with all the fully digital and high speed process & work nowadays, it is pretty hard for both manufacturer and demander to predict what is going to happen in the future.

We, Kobe Printing Equipment Ltd., give a “Lead to world standard with Japanese quality“ as our guiding principle.

We have been making our best to be a good corporation citizen of the social market by meeting both manufacturer and demander’s needs and of course offering them high quality and unique products & services regardless of domestic and overseas.

Under this borderless worldwide economy, we will keep trying to play an important role in this field furthermore by creating, developing and providing outstanding new products that fulfill the needs of not only customers but also all the societies in the world and, hope to achieve stable, long-term growth relationship with you.

Eishi Hayashi

Kobe Printing Equipment LTD.

Initiation 01/Apr/1973
Fountation 01/May/1981
Capital JPY 10,000,000.-
Representive Mr. Eishi Hayashi (DOB:22/May/1973)
Shareholder Mr.Hediyuki Hayashi, Mr.Eishi Hayashi
Location Takakuradai 7-5-27, Suma-Ku, Kobe City, 654-0081, Japan
Tel: 81-78-647-7715 Fax: 81-78-647-7716
Business Content Export, import, intermediate trade etc.

Major product line:
* Printing materials & printing machineries
* Floor/wall surfacing materials(for architecture)
* UV curing resin(for precision apparatus)


Hong Kong & China Kobe Printing Equipment (HK)Co.Ltd.
Unit 201 Flourish Industrial Bldg.,
33 sheung Yee Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon Hong Kong
Tel 852-2750-6886 / Fax 852-2750-4668

Mr. Paul Chen, Managing director
Singapore DBE Singapore
BLK 728, Tampines Street 71, #05-25,
Singapore 520728
Tel 65-6783-2817/Fax 656784-2767

Mr. Patrick Low
Indonesia Stanof Indonesia
Komplek Angke Megah Block B No.5, JI.P.Tubagus
Angke No.20, Jakarta 11460, Indonesia
Tel 021-564-8639-40/Fax 021-564-8051

Mr. Papay Wijaya, Managing director

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location : Takakuradai 7-5-27, Suma-Ku, Kobe City, 654-0081, Japan